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How to get to Kyoto Catholic House from Kyoto station

It will take 11 minutes walk from Kyoto station. Details as follows:

Way Point A: kyoto Cenral Post office

Conveniently located next to Kyoto Station (take the Karasuma exit, where you can see Kyoto Tower; the post office is on the northwestern side of the station).

** There is a Japan Post Bank on the 1st floor in this building, where you can use international ATMs.

Way Point B: Intersection of Shiokoji Horikawa

Walk west on Shiokoji Dori (dori means street in Japanses). After approximately 5 minutes walk, you will hit Horikawa Dori where you can see two pedestrian bridges. Please cross at the intersection. If you have big heavy luggage, we reccommned that you should use the zebra crossing under the bridge on Rihga Royal Hotel side.

Way Point C: Petrol Station

Walk one block north, you will find a gas station by the name of ENEOS. Turn left in this side of the gas station.

Destination: Kyoto Catholic House (old name: Guest House Kyoto)

Walk four blocks west on Kitsuya-bashi Dori. And go right at the corner. Kyoto Catholic House is on the righthand side.

** Google Maps will helpl you find the location about our hostel. Please remember that the query key word is 'Kyoto Catholic House'.