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Kyoto Aquarium Umekoji Park

Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium is modern and nicely designed, but small compared to Japan’s best aquariums. It was newly opened in March 2012 in Umekoji Park, about 2 minutes walk from Kyoto Catholic House. The two-story facility is divided into nine zones with various themes, exhibiting a variety of aquatic animals.

Unique to the aquarium is a zone that recreates the aquatic environment of rivers in Kyoto and features the Japanese giant salamander. The aquarium also strives to preserve numerous species of rare local aquatic life through breeding. In other zones, visitors can see sea life from across the world, including penguins and seals. There is also a dolphin stadium with multiple performances per day.

Umekoji Park is a welcome patch of green in one of Kyoto’s more built up areas. Previously the site of the JR freight railway, in the early 1990s it was converted into a city park, which opened in 1995 providing local people with a wonderful space in which to enjoy, trees, grass, flowers and clean air. You can also see many people go jogging every morning in the park.

Access from Kyoto Catholic House

If you make a stay at our guesthouse, it is very easy access to Kyoto Aquarium and Umekoji Park. It will take only 2 minutes walk from Kyoto Catholic House.