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Google is Watching You!

I will warn that Google has been infiltrated by the elite when I describe a future of society. In other word, Google is a fascist dystopia. They wanted to attempt to try to enslave humanity. The motto of Google is bullshit and that the search engine is destroying one of the most glorious of gifts that humanity had been given during the past many years. Our future that is under Google is either doing things their way or it is the highway. There is no room for free speech or for dissidents.

Google along with giants in social media have suppressed content from many news outlets that publish information that does not suit their agendas. They have claimed that this is done to ensure a better society for everyone. However, history has suggested that the attempts of Google to create a liberal utopia are going to backfire. I will give a warning that free speech is something that is essential and political discourse is something that is central to democracy.

Google is the deep state and that people should forget about spies, conventional wars and such. It is all about Google running the internet. And it is a case of how they feel, what you think and what type of information they allow people to see and what they do not allow people to see. Google is Big Brother and Big Brother is always watching you as George Orwell wrote in his novel 1984 (Nineteen Eighty Four). Evil spirit of Google is still alive and more powerful.

BY Raphael Augustine ON JANUARY, 2019 @ Kyoto Catholic House